Just recently there was a media frenzy in Japan over a young woman who killed three men she met on dating sites. And there has been another case of a woman killing a man she originally met the same way.

British woman Carol Kemp became involved with a man she met on a dating site, then knifed him to death when he tried to end the relationship.


07/05/2012 04:14

Well, what can I say, looks like these are the perils of online dating. But I suppose there are even more. Probably not worse than the ones already mentioned.

08/01/2012 07:40

Pretty schocking news, but if I ought to provide reasonable explanation is that a realtionship may start as a virtual but end up for real. And to give the other opposite end of the situation I am telling you that I have friends who met on the Intrenet and have three kids.


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