It's interesting that as social media becomes more and more popular and influential, aspects of it are being incorporated into online dating site architecture. Since the whole phenomenon is all so new, it's hard to judge the success of this trend.

But if Pirate Date is any guide, then it's probably quite a risky proposition. This Facebook influenced online matchmaking site was started a couple of years ago, and is now nowhere to be found.

In any case there are some new sites for singles to meet each other that are heavily influenced by specific social media sites. One example is Tawkify:

E. Jean Carroll, co-creator of Tawkify and an advice columnist for Elle magazine, told Mashable that in her opinion the level of a person’s influence on the web can be as important as a profile photo.

“A Klout score will never replace our match-making instincts,” Carroll says. “But we’ve found that Klout scores are an authentic measurement of sophistication, wit, cultural savvy and appeal — a much truer and more trustworthy measurement than the typical online dating site bull-hockey-factors of height, weight and income.”

Then there is Pinstant Karma:

Online dating website Pinstant Karma has introduced a beta website for Generation 'D' that uses Visual Interest Matching technology via profile 'pin boards' for singles to meet and connect with potential matches based on similar interests.

Building on the growing popularity of social discovery websites, Pinstant Karma doesn’t use gimmicks, essays, lengthy questionnaires or formulas – just stimulating, fun, visual pin boards that allow people to discover new and interesting matches.


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These are some really interesting websites Iam just hearing abour from your post! The concepts behind them are really related to my own perception for online dating as I have been practicing it for more than few years already and am surprised how not come across Tawkify, for example! thanks for the info!

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Hi there, great post! I've been reading your Blog for a while now and find it quite informative. I've been in the dating game for about 2 years and have tried many of the sites you talk about.

But, to be honest, whilst i've gone on my fair share of dates and met a few interesting people, i have found online dating hasn't helped me on my quest to form a "meaningful" relationship. I find online dating sites lack that personal touch, because they are trying to link you to random people, albeit based on interests. Going through this whole process, i've realised i prefer to meet people through friends of friends (and there was no service out there that does this).

So, i have just recently started my own social networking site called Meeeup, that allows people to connect with their friends of friends. The Meeeup network is not restricted to just daters, instead, we encompass all things social, from meeting new people if you are new in the city, to dating. We are looking to provide our users with the total experience, all the way from the initial introduction through to the actual meet up. I strongly believe that if you meet someone through someone you know, the chances of them being a decent person who you get on with, is far greater than when meeting someone random. If you get a chance, I would love for you to check out our site, and give us any feedback on what we could do better given your broad ranging experience about the online dating services out there.


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